Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Job Training Experience!!!

Philippine airlines company is were I did my On The Job Training. As far as i've understand this is a highly compititive company which cater the transportation of all people around the world. I have a lot of happy and memorable experience with the group which I could'nt forget. Here comes with the funny jokes that really made us laugh brought by Sir Bebot one of the employee of PAL. Also folowed by Sir Elson which I remember he maid Cathy cry when they assigned in the check-in area. But despite those tears, after all the manager Sir Badong treat them for lunch at WOW KOMBINSING!!! Mang Inasal. Hehe.. For that hundred hours was truly meaningful for me, not only for the bonding that we did but for some reason that were about to gain knowledge with them. We learn something with the flow and the process of their operation.
We experience to deal with them just like a professional for the practice of our profession in the future. Since then, hours and days had gone which my training was totally finished. Slite of sadness that i feel for I have to leave with the persons were I colleague sometimes. Happiness because after all I have been fulfill the hours given with.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Captivating Capiz - Sinadya sa Halaran"

Capiz was a province that has about 16 municipality and with 2 districs. City of Roxas was belong to First distric and the capital of the province.It is named after Pres. Manuel Acuña Roxas, the first president of the independent Republic of the Philippines. Roxas City was known to be as the Cleanest and Greenest City among other places and the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. Becuase City of Roxas was sorrounded by coastal area, it was blessed with minerals which people used as their source of income.

"The Fiesta Time!!!"

The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is the joint festival of the City of Roxas and the Province of Capiz. It is a mixed festival in that it is celebrated for both cultural and religious reasons. It is celebrated every first weekend of December where in the Feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate Concepcion who also happens to be the patroness of the City of Roxas. Sinadya sa Halaran boasts of colorful activities like the grand parade of festivals, the fluvial parade, the lighted river floaters. There is also the traditional seafood festival and the grand pyrotechnic display.
Sinadya sa Halaran is one of Roxas City’s most important annual events and is fusion of two festivals – “Sinadya” (City) and “Halaran” (Province) which literally means joy in sharing and thanksgiving. It is celebrated on December 4-8. The highlights of the celebration are the Dancing Parade, ”Higantes”, Fluvial Parade, Fireworks display, Mutya sa Halaran beauty pageant, Coronation of the Fiesta Queen, and Agri-Aqua Trade Fair.

"The Captivating Places"

Baybay Beach!!! One of the site in the City of Roxas where you can experience the sparkling of gray sand and you can feel the cool breeze of the sea that makes your self having a peaceful moment.Enjoying picnics and other activities you want.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

" pRoUd tO bE cApIzNon "

Capiz..? what came first into your mind? Did you think about the term " Aswang".? Truly, every people when they heard Capiz they always try to say this is where the so called "Aswang" lived. People their is not trust worthy coz they have a bad spirit. But then, being Capiznon what they've thing was truly wrong.!!! Capiz is one of a place where you can find an approachable, loveable, friendly, and easy to be with people. A wholesome and gorgeous individuals inside and out. And Roxas is one of the City in the province of Capiz that known to be as the Seafood Capital of the philippines and the most Cleanest and Greenest City among other places.
Capiznon was blessed with a lots of minerals where they used to be their source of income. People their was a kind of business minded. They are idealistic and wise when it comes to business procedure. Totally, you will be amaze by the place and the culture of the Capizinio. It will leaved you a memories that somehow people in Capiz was great.
So see you when you get their.!!! AhhhAaAa!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moment at Filamer

When I heard the name Flamer Christian College, the first thing that came into my mind is it was a school with a good standard in terms of learning. They want an excellent education to the students in of terms of intellectual aspects. Nurturing everybody the knowledge for us to learn. Yet, being Filamerian students a lots of good things and happy moments I've experienced within my teachers, classmates, and friends. Here comes during our acquaintance party and during our foundation day celebration. I've experience in joining at in cheer dance when i was at first year. At this moment i feel so embarrassed of what I've did in the front of so many people watching. I feel like I'm kinda ice that melted so fast.

Having fun during acquaintance by participating in games and the way where in we have to get to know each other. But then this experienced made myself confidence and have the courage to join again in some other activities that the school has. And so, during my third year I have the confidence to join again in the speech choir competition during our 103 founders day. All this things I've only experience here at Filamer Christian College. Unlike during my elementary and high school where in i am always an audience of my classmates when we have a program. All this this things I've experienced will be cherish forever and I will value till I leave this alma mater and till I gone.